Mohammed Vakil
Ghazal And Sufi Maestro.


Mohammed Vakil is a diamond in the world of Indian music. Trained in the GuruShishya Parampara (teacher-disciple tradition), he has rapidly matured himself into a Maestro an extremely skilled professional at his art of singing, who expresses his poetic verses with great precision, collaborating feelings of love, romance and calamity moulded authentically in both Sufi and Ghazal format.

कभी मेहेक की तरहा हम गुलों से उड़ते हैं|
कभी धुऐं की तरहा परबतों से उड़ते हैं|
ये केंचीयाॅ हमे उड़ने से ख़ाक रोकेंगी
के हम परों से नहीं होंसलों से उड़ते है

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