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Mohammed vakil

Mohammed Vakil is a diamond in the world of Indian music. Trained in the GuruShishya Parampara
(teacher-disciple tradition), he has rapidly matured himself into a Maestro an extremely skilled
professional at his art of singing, who expresses his poetic verses with great precision, collaborating
feelings of love, romance and calamity moulded authentically in either a Sufi OR ghazal format.

Early Life

Mohammed Vakil was born on January 25, 1976, at Jaipur (Rajasthan) in the family of renowned classical Ghazal singers, who made their original contributions to the ghazal tradition. Even before he was five years, Vakil became conscious of his singing skills. But it was only after his first stage performance in 1985 at the very young age of eight years, that the music bug bit hard his talent. The young boy was so moved by the episode that he made a firm decision to take up music professionally.
His singing talent was nurtured and nourished by rigorous training and Riaz since his early childhood under the very able guidance and continuous motivation provided by his maternal uncles renowned Ghazal maestros Ustad Mohammed Hussain and Ustad Ahmed Hussain, who possess an extremely significant place in making Vakil what he is today. For Vakil, his Ustads (the Hussain brothers) are second to Almighty on this earth.


After the release of his first solo ghazal album Sapne in the year 1998, Vakil has released two more albums since then. In all his albums he has always tried to present ghazals in a manner more appealing to the masses yet maintaining the essence of ghazals. Since, singing ghazals by itself is a very limited area with very little scope for innovativeness, Vakil has tried to use the little scope to the best as he could. In the process he has given the world of music some amazing ghazals, which will remain in the hearts of music lovers eternally.
Thereafter started a journey for an identity in the film world. He was fortunate to get his first break in a film called Veer Zara released in 2006. And then life took a right turn for the youngster. Mohammed Vakil found his destiny. The innovativeness of Mohammed Vakil is
depicted in intermingling the western and eastern instruments. But even then he has succeeded to maintain ‘Ragdari’ and ‘Roohdari’ in his presentation. The ghazal is a challenging form featuring both structure and improvisation. to fill out an ensemble capable of both delicacy and power. Mohammed Vakil entered the hive of creative activity looking for words for his music and he was not disappointed.


  • Playback in Yash Chopra’s ‘Veer Zara’ accompanied by his Gurus Ustad Ahmed Hussain, Ustad Mohd. Hussain and Mr Javed Hussain (the son of Ahmed Hussain Sahib) (Music Direction by Late Madan Mohan Sb. & Lyrics by Javed Akhtar Sahib).
  • Playback in TV Serial ‘Bhikri Aas Nikhri Preet’
    (Music Direction by Khayyam Sb.)
  • Acted as host in E.TV Urdu ‘Ghazal-Sara’ .

Album Releases

  • Laa Pila
  • Pyar Mat Rakhna
  • Song with The Times of India to defeat Covid
  • Guzarish by Times Music
  • Maula Ka Darbar by Times Music
  • Tera Khayal by Red Ribbon
  • Pehli Nazar by Red Ribbon
  • Falsafa by D Records
  • Hum-Tum Saath Hain by D Rocords
  • Sapnay’ by Zee Music
  • ‘Kasak’ by Magna Sound
  • ‘Kehdo Kehdo’ by Magna Sound

New Releases

  • Rashke Qamar Cover Song
  • Covid Motivational Song is sung with
    Legendary Udit Narayan Ji
  • Nazrana
  • Saza-E-Mohabbat


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